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The color you select for your living room will set the mood for the activities in this room. They take the best of the sun's rays without setting the chamber on fire. 

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Vastu Consultants provides 18 best paint colors rooms for the west facing western exposure Vastu Consultants in Delhi tell you How to pick the best paint colors for your room Just when you’ve finally picked your favorite paint color you are excited and ready to run in the paint shop technically The sun moves well from the earth but lets not get into those small details.

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You can call many people I must have heard of ill informed people that living in a south direction property is bad or one facing a living in the west will always be inviting troubles in life etc. Here Vastu Consultant in Delhi must tell you that Vastu Shastra never claims that north is a good direction to orient a house. Whatever room you decorate Vastu Consultant always helps to know in which direction the light is coming from as this can affect the overall color of the space.

Feng Shui color direction 2 south. The west facing bedroom pharaoh ball teres as green is a beautiful warm green color that works well in both east and west facing bedrooms. You can have a balance of color in the Yin and Yang living room to create a more harmonious environment.

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The best color for the north facing room in the southeast or west. There is a place in the living room where all your members of your family and friends gather. Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR paint the ceiling of any room in blue or black. The house facing west is what Vastu Consultant Near me says about it. You should be cautious about the amount of use of blue or black color. See examples of rooms that use the best paint colors for west-facing rooms. It is therefore important to ensure that the place has good feng shui and welcomes anyone who enters it. A light clear green is a natural solution because it spreads the spot light in the morning, while keeping it cool all afternoon.

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To know the living room feng shui read our article on Feng Shui living room note. Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR takes a little decluttering and balance of elements in the room. Here we will focus on choosing paint colors for the east and facing the west room. Vastu Consultant have nine easy steps for creating good feng shui in your living room. Light yellows are also a good choice. Yang colors will energize the decor while more restive yin colors will be conducive to relaxing and rest.

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Paint for living room feng shui. If you have an east facing mouth or dark room, see Vastu Consultants Near me for choose the best color for these rooms. The room is facing east and is mainly used in the morning or west facing and is mainly used in the evening, so the intensity of sunlight with the signs of light blue, green and purple in balance Will help. There is a place in the living room where you gather with friends and family. Its more than a public room because you invite people to this room. Although they are slightly more private, family rooms and den areas also fall into this category.

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