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It is important that the room should be filled with positive energy so that family members and guests feel relaxed. Believe it or not Vastu Consultants in Delhi can make some positive changes to your living space to make it a great place for socializing. Prefer dark colors over lighter colors. Vastu color for living room. Walls should be colored.

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Color for living room as per Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR. Our living room charisma represents a personality. Blue green, yellow beige and tan are the best colors for the living room. Vastu Consultants says to read other special architectural points for the living room. Avoid black and red colors in the living room. For example bedroom for sleeping living room to spend leisure time with family kitchen for entertaining guests and cooking and so on.

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According to Vastu Consultants Near me living room architectural colors play a very important role in harnessing positive energy. Everyone tries to keep this space as beautiful and clean as possible. Vastu Consultant gives you 10 ideas for using Vastu to excite your living room.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi

Therefore it should have attractive energetic appeal and says expressive ddhannak. Vastu Consultant in Delhi tells to Rang Vastu Rooms Complete Room Guidance From House Color Every room in a house is different and thats because each room has special purpose. Vastu Consultant Near me tells that the living room is a mirror of the entire house.

Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR

You know a living room or drawing room which are having Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR thus wealth happiness and prosperity which attracts all positive energy. Vastu Consultants says that our living room is an introduction to our personality. Select light colors over white, blue, green, yellow, black ones.

Vastu Consultant Near me

when the correct color of the curtain for the living room is chosen as per Vastu they also add to the positivity and happiness. Vastu Consultant Near me tells the Color Scheme The color of the wall in the living room should be white, pale blue or green. It is best to choose light colors or darker ones instead of shades. It should be warm and welcoming as well as full of energy with bold and vibrant enthusiasm. Curtain color for living room.


The living room should be made facing the northeast or northeast direction. However Vastu suggests to put a combination of red color in the living room though not too much. They are so important that a wrong selection of colors can literally disturb the energy of the entire house.


Read more about Bedroom Vastu. Vastu and living room lighting should be bright. So the chandelier is in the living room, it should be slightly to the west, not in the center of the room.

Regarding the architectural color of the living room, the walls should be painted in white, blue, green or yellow to get the most out of the ambience and atmosphere. In this article I am going to present all the simple and easy Vastu tips which you and your living room will have to follow to make a Vastu compliant one.

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