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When you are not sleeping in the right direction, it disrupts your sleeping rhythm. The ancient principles of Vastu Consultants in Delhi can easily be applied to a gold layout while planning an interior layout for a new house or remolding an existing one. Vastu Shastra is a science of living harmoniously. The physical place where you sleep plays a big role in the quality and duration of your sleep.Sleep means a resting state where our body is not active and the mind is in a state of unconsciousness. During this time we are unaware of our private surroundings as well as sleeping directions. The brain is generally more analytical at night and more creative in the morning. You need a mental release from work.


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A sound sleep rejuvenates the mind and body for the next day. This will keep your energy levels in tune with the important work of your daily routine. We all spend a third of our lives in bed. A person who is 30 already spent 10 years in bed. You need to be fresh and rested and full of energy. The Vastu Consultants in Delhi NCR helps you to experience better sleep in your personal space. A bed is an important component in a bedroom. It is very important to keep you healthy and energetic by helping you get in the right position from bed according to the direction. Vastu Consultants advise everyone to follow a right direction to sleep ideally, choosing the wrong direction to sleep can lead to illness and misfortune. Wrong sleep leads to brain damage, sleep aging and complications. Therefore it is important to know which is the best direction to sleep. The dominant direction is an important consideration according to Vaastu.

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According to Vastu, the bed direction for sleeping - sleeping with head in north direction. According to Vastu Consultants Near me the human body acts as a magnet with the head as its north pole. If the person points towards the north while sleeping, the body's north poles and the earth will be repulsed, affecting blood circulation. Vastu Consultant say due to the powerful magnetic field of the Earth, there will be a serious energy drain for you. It causes stress, illness and also upset the mind. It can also make you stressed and tired. According to all these Vastu, the wrong sleeping position has unwanted side effects.


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In many traditions, an institution of the dead person is always kept before the funeral, with the head pointing north. Vastu Consultant in Delhi strongly advised to avoid sleeping with the head facing north. It can make the next morning unhappy. Remember, Benjamin Franklin is "sleeping in his mouth in the morning." In our years of Vastu counseling, we have seen a large number of people suffering from mental illness due to wrong sleeping direction. You will experience energy drops and your productivity will suffer.

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Sleeping With Head Towards East Best Direction to Sleep. Vastu Consultant in Delhi NCR advises to Sleep with the head towards the east increases memory power, concentration and also good health. Students, scholars, teachers, writers and even people should sleep in jobs with heads towards the east. It rains the person with new career opportunities, promotions, and higher grades. It allow our mind room to start creating ideas for your next morning. According to Vastu, the direction of sleep is an important element.

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According to Vastu Consultant Near me sleeping with head towards west-neutral direction. The guest should be given that a room is resting on a bed in the west direction. According to Vastu practitioners, this is a neutral sleeping direction. Consequently, the neutral direction does not give a quality sleep, the need for freshness for the next day. Some people can remind until 8.30am or 9 or even later. This may delay your next day appointment. You will have trouble getting enough sleep. Lack of quality sleep will keep you from reaching your full potential. There are no benefits to sleeping in the west direction. You are sleep deprived. According to the study by most architectural experts, when it is, the quality of it comes to sleep - not quantity - that matters. Sleep, food, and water are three important fuels for the human body.

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